Friday, June 22, 2012

New Season, New Blog

With a new wedding season underway, I've decided to switch my blog over to another website.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog at

Thank you!

-Allison Gaddis

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding season is under way! We have so many wonderful weddings happening this year. A Southern Living themed wedding with lanterns, candles, moss in colors of deep purple and lavender; Beautiful true shabby chic wedding in grays, yellows, green,and lavendar using peonies, vintage furniture, collection of heirloom pieces for centerpieces, and lace accents; an enchanted forest wedding with emerald greens, black & white anemones, willow branch chandeliers, and sprigs of lavender. Very excited. here are just a few inspirations:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fashion in Weddings

I will admit I am obsessed with incorporating fashion into the design of a wedding, and it goes beyond the dresses and shoes. I love fashion; spice up my outfits with accessories, the unique pleating in a skirt, the small accents only noticed when you leave a room, and then there are the shoes! If you love fashion like me why not incorporate it in every detail of the wedding? the centerpieces could have awesome colorful shoes, strands of crystals and pearls. Your place cards could be displayed as accents on a gown. Used a raised elongated dance floor for an aisle and have your wedding party enter by "walking the runway". Have guests book their best wishes to you in a variety of top hats. Choose your linens based on how you would put an outfit together: go classic with black and grey; or color block with blue & purples, tangerine and turquoise. You have with your clothes, have fun with your wedding!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Where to start

These days a bride can be pulled in thousand of directions in making decisions about their wedding. Many brides not only get overwhelmed by the decisions for their wedding, but about where to go to find vendors & ideas. About 5 years ago there was about 2 or 3 bridal shows in Knoxville that brides depended on to meet vendors, win prizes, and learn the latest trends. Now there are about 50 bridal shows taking place from January-May. It is getting overwhelming even for us vendors. Then there are the magazines, the blogs, the websites, and pinterest. Where does a bride begin?As a bride here is how you should use all these tools to your advantage.

Bridal Shows: Use these to scout out vendors. To learn who is out there, get their information, and learn if their personality or style is for your wedding. Then if you highly consider them for your wedding contact them after the show. Pay attention to special deals vendors have for brides attending the show, it can really save you money. Some to check out in Knoxville area: The PINK Bride, The Bleak House, 29:11 Studio

Magazines and Blogs: Use magazines for inspiration. Many magazines have sections of real weddings and inspirational photo shoots. This where you can how certain vendors captured the wedding style, and you can gather ideas of what you want at your wedding. You can also use magazines as a reference for vendors involved in your wedding, especially florists, rentals, and other decor. Check out: Grace Ormond, Enchanted Bride, Elizabeth Anne

Studios: These are new to the wedding scene. I call these studios "Barnes & Noble for brides". Studios are meant to help brides any day of the week with fitting brides with vendors, inspiring brides with latest trends, and educating brides in every aspect of their wedding. You can sit & read through magazines and books, attend workshops, gather contact info, or just work on your own wedding to do list. Use these to your advantage as they are there to assist you. Check out 2911 Event Studios

Please remember never to forget about hiring professionals. These resources should be used to gain knowledge, and NOT to learn how you can do the wedding without the pros. I encourage my brides to gain as much knowledge as possible for their wedding. As a wedding planner I take your inspiration and ideas to create a wonderful event from the decor and "look" to orchestrating how the entire wedding event will run. Have fun with your wedding and let it be the event you have dreamed of.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New trends

Several new wedding trends are surfacing from colors to themes to dresses. What trends will you choose?

Colors: First there was black & white, then chocolate brown, and 2011 was all about grey. Now it is Navy. Navy is the neutral color. It is chic, sophisticated, and timeless. Looking for a whole new color scheme? Try corals, turquoises,and yellows. Some trendy color schemes:
Yellow, green, navy;
Fuschia, plum, navy;
Black, ivory, plum, navy;
Grey, yellow, ivory, navy
Coral, tiffany blue, and navy

Linens: Texture and prints. Fashion runways are a great place to find the newest trends in linens. Interesting textures will deepen the variety in your color schemes. Use crinkle table linens with solid silk napkins; or use all white heavily rosette textures in the table linen and chair covers. If your taste is simple but want impact use texture. If you are playful and whimsical go the route of a bold print. Whether it be a black & white damask, a pastel floral, or a navy and ivory plaid, having a one bold print repeated at your wedding will create nothing but a statement of "I have arrived".

Dresses: All different kinds of dresses are acceptable these days, but timeless, memorable dresses are back. This means think Grace Kelly and Sarah Jessica Parker combined. Lace is HUGE! the lace sleeves, lace necklines, lace illusion backs. Lace is a certain way to bring a timeless look to your wedding. On the other hand, color fashion is here. Black and nude wedding dresses present a romantic, unexpected look. Remember to use romantic fabrics, chiffon, tulle, silk when creating this look.

Details: Presenting your personality in the details of your wedding is still the way to go. Use jewelry to wrap napkins, birdcage veils in your hair, mini books for invitations, Mason Jars for beer,

Favors: Look into dessert bars. For many years we had candy bars where guests could help themselves to varieties of candies. Now there are dessert bars, where guests could help themselves to tarts, cake, mini-pies, truffles, cookies. Go as extravagant are as simple as you want.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bridal Shows and Inspiration

This past Sunday I participated in the PINK Bridal show at the Knoxville Convention Center. It was a blast. I got to reconnect with some vendors, collaborate with other vendors, and just have fun as a wedding planner. At the show I got to display some original ideas of mine in 4 different inspirational booths. I have noticed a trend in barn wood, mason jars, and dried flowers for weddings which are beautiful in their own respect. I have also noticed how this trend is being done over and over and being perceived as "original". It was original this time last year now it has become just a different way of doing weddings. My goal for these inspirational booths at the show was to introduced some more different weddings. I am a big fan of incorporating your personality into your wedding decor. For example I love fashion! Give me a black dress, with an over stated bow, some fabulous shoes, and I am in heaven! That is why I created a booth that has an elegant floral and natural feel but fashion is incorporated into the details. You might have noticed the bow ties around the vases, the shoes hanging off another vase or the amazing crystal cake. I encourage every bride to think outside the box of "original" and "different", and think in terms of "personality".

Sunday, November 20, 2011

cakes and design

Cakes have always amazed me, how simple ingredients like sugar, flour, and eggs can become such amazing masterpieces. I admire those who can create these astounding edible sculptures. I recently stumbled upon a cake creator "The Caketress" who takes cakes to the fashion world. These cakes don't just have quilting, pearls, and swirls; but fabric pleating, textured skirts, exaggerated ruffles, rhinestone jewelry, and all the wonders of bridal attire.


I am always looking for new ideas, new creations, new inspiration that can be brought to the wedding world. Fashion is one of my favorite aspects to bring into the wedding world. Each person has their own fashion statement to make, and why not reflect it in your wedding. Wear fun crazy shoes, add jewelry to your bouquet,have a top hat with a birdcage veil, make your own fashion statement at your wedding.

If you want some creative cake creators here in Knoxville check out:
Sugarbuzz custom cakes
The Perfect Ending Cakes